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Massage Prices

• Our rates are $75 an hour for new clients.
• And $60 for regular clients.
• 60 minutes or longer.
• $60.00 and up depending on type of massage requested and duration.


I am conviently located in Port St Lucie close to I-95. I am also close to the surrounding areas of Stuart, Palm City, Ft. Pierce, Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast.


Monday through Saturday from Noon - 7pm, with last appointment being taken at 5, 5:30, 6pm, 6:30.

If you would like a time that is later than 7pm or earlier than noon or for a Sunday not to exceed 9pm then please make your appointment well in advance.


NOTE: These are for new clients only:

1.If you are new your first text should be the following: “Hi, MY NAME IS (name goes here) and I would like to schedule an appointment for a massage on (your day and time of choice goes here.) I have READ YOUR AD and WEBSITE!!
Attached is my face photo and I am coming from (your living area goes here) or will be in your area soon. Can you let me know what times are available? Thanks so and so!”
I need your photo to make sure you are not a crazy person, as you know there are many out there.
Also if you are over 300lbs then it's time for you to use your money to get to the gym because my table will not hold you.
2. I am NOT a morning person please do not call me before 11am. You CAN text me early for a later time that day or the following day but if you text or call any earlier than 9am or any later than 9pm then I cannot see you.

3. I am not sitting around doing nothing, all dressed and ready waiting for your call or text so make sure you make your appointment in advance. Don't call or text and think I am ready to see you.


5. You email or text me for an appointment and when the time arrives, I do not hear from you or you never confirm! Please have the courtesy to let me know if you are coming over or not.

Thanks again for understanding "The House Rules" and will look forward to seeing you again or meeting you. If you want to read more about my Ad on backpage then: click here and read it. If you email or text me and say, "Oh I was going to make an appointment but then I read your rules and decided that they are stupid or how dumb I am and so will not make an appointment," then guess what? You are NOT someone I want as a client. And really I have to laugh at you people, that you would even take the time to email and say you don't like my rules really cracks me up!
I love clients that are smart, intelligent, humorous and have common sense, not clients that are always thinking of themselves, whining or saying really stupid things.
If you have read this far congratulate yourself and let's hope that you remember them and if you send the correct text I will deduct $10 dollars from your session, otherwise I will get very annoyed with you.:>}